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  • 20-year legacy in the agriculture and food employment sector
  • Largest candidate network in the agriculture and food industry
  • Global footprint in executive recruitment

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Over a lifetime you’ll spend 90,000 hours at work...Let us guide you to the right fit.
You are in control, we offer complete confidentiality
Personalized coaching to match your expertise
Transparency and communication from search to acceptance
Accept a job offer with confidence and peace of mind
Hire with confidence – Let us guide you to the right fit.
Entrust your search to knowledgeable consultants who understand your needs
Extensive reach with fast-paced delivery of candidates
Validate your offer with our independent salary data
Capture insights to retain key employees
Drive organizational value while gaining professional influence
"The De Lacy team worked diligently in helping me further my career by assisting me every step of the way in my job search. They kept me up to date on the many steps in the hiring process and gave valuable recommendations at crucial points. I will not hesitate in recommending the De Lacy team to my friends and look forward to working with them in the future."
Candidate Testimonial
Scott B.
De Lacy Executive
North America
"Working with De Lacy made the entire transition from job searching to opportunity searching a reality. They made every effort to make sure that I had opportunities in my interests; that communication was clear and expectations were managed accordingly. From the start the De Lacy team really keyed in on my wants and needs and channeled these into opportunity and resources for my career."
Candidate Testimonial
Christina S.
De Lacy Executive
North America

About Us

De Lacy Executive Recruitment offers professional recruitment services for employers and candidates in agriculture and food. The De Lacy team of professional consultants is committed to exceeding the expectations of those whom we serve.

Founded in 2000 in the United Kingdom, the De Lacy team has focused largely on agribusiness and food processing sectors and has grown to be the best known recruitment business for the sector. Building on this strength and stability, as well as the growing demand for international search inquiries, De Lacy Executive Recruitment expanded into North America in 2018.

De Lacy was built on the pillars of confidentiality, integrity, honesty and excellence. Our focus is about quality and commitment to service. We work with candidates from managers up to CEO.
When working with De Lacy, employers can expect an in depth discussion around people planning and how the ‘right’ people work within your organization. De Lacy’s trusted advisors use this insight to search and select quality candidates from their own extensive database as well as advertise through various partner organizations to build a dynamic group of candidates to select from.

As a candidate, De Lacy will provide career development advice, career consulting, as well as preparation for interview success. Open communication, confidentiality and complete transparency are top-of-mind for De Lacy consultants as they work with you throughout the process.